Personal Development 

Emmanuel’s process for self development is simple, assertive, detailed and profound. 

Heartbreak/Attracting Quality People

Heart breaks don’t heal with time, they mend strong with right thinking.


Emmanuel believes dating should be fun, not a tedious or fearful experience.

Owning Self Confidence

Emmanuel believes self-confidence lacks because one simply doesn’t trust themselves enough.

Learning to Forgive

Emmanuel firmly believes that the greatest of power lies in forgiveness, hence, why it’s so hard to forgive.

Family Coaching

96% of families in the United States are to some degree, dysfunctional.

Future Generation Coaching

Today, more than ever before, our future generation is being misled and desperately, needs wise guidance.

Executive Coaching

Emmanuel’s vision for businesses is to unite the members within, like a Spartan army which moves in complete harmony, understanding and selflessness for one another. 

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