August 16th -19th, 2022

It’s with great exuberance to introduce El Paso’s finest and fittest leaders with the first of its kind, 3 day, Mens REVIBEL Program.

What You Can Expect From The Mens REVIBAL Program


This unique, powerful, and anointed experience is intended to transcend, enhance and refine ones quality of awareness, thinking, being, vision, relationships, purpose, business/career and approach in life, FAR past the current limits of one’s unconscious beliefs. 

This 3 day event is intended for men who have come a way in their personal, relational, communication, business/career and or spiritual development and are serious in their wanting to take it all to the next level. Whether you are plateauing or excelling, this program is destined potentially for YOU. 

If serving is your forte and fulfills you, this, IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU! If you are of the few who leads for the people rather than yourself, this is for you. If you are willing to admit there is room for improvement in habits, REVIBEL is for you. If you feel deep down you can accomplish so much more than the much you already have, this is absolutely for you! If this is for you, conviction is already settling and the desire to inquire is alive. 

And just in case you’re still in doubt…

This is not for you if you have a fixed mindset or think you have come as far as you can in life. This is not for you if you don’t believe you are here to serve a cause greater than you. This is not for you if you’d rather be right than be righteous. 

The order and way in which REVIBEL is designed, is in such a way that inspires and conforms a permanent and supernatural effect within each willing participant. An unstoppable domino effect that will carry on and pour into every area of one’s life, those he leads, and the generations to come. 

The participants will be staying 3 nights in a prestigious home, in which Emmanuel Quesada, the creator and leader of the program will execute this transformational expedition. 

Emmanuel was led to discover his mission in 2013, after nearly losing his life twice and taking a hard, what “seemed” to be a loss of his business on the verge of hitting its tipping point, which today would of been known worldwide. 

Emmanuel describes and defines those experiences and a few others he had to go through as meaningful miracles in disguise. 

When he was convicted of his mission, he decided to completely transform himself and practice on developing others over the course of nearly 7 years, before exchanging his value for money. He lives by a verse that says,


Everyone wants the next level of successes, but far from few understand the above verse and the ones who do, don’t know how to fulfill the requirements that will allow them to step into the next and the next level of success, within any given sector of their life. 

Emmanuel believes that society has purposely and maliciously complicated life and the way in which we should develop ourselves, children, careers/businesses and overall life. He believes life and it’s processes are designed with simplicity. Through his very own sacrifices, struggles, transformation and practice in developing hundreds of individuals, he crafted his very own, unique, insightful, practical and powerful approach to developing every area of life, starting with one’s core, identity. 

His approach consists of 3 steps. 

Awaken 20%

Transformation 70%

Transition 10% 

The AWAKEN segment is elevating one’s level of INSIGHTFULNESS towards the fundamental function of one’s self and life. The way in which he delivers it is unique, simplistic and contributes to 20% of the value in the program. 

Without this awareness, one is limited in their potential performance, in every area of life. 

So just think, if you’ve made it this far in life, how much farther and faster will you go with this new level of insight!!?

The TRANSFORMATIONAL segment is the most (70%) valuable of the program. This is where Emmanuel uses his gift and ability to transform the limits held deep within the unconscious mind and spirit. And no, this is not a religious event. 

Transition is the pressing forward, the action. 

After going through the transformation phase, the transition becomes effortless. You see, everyone is trying to take their habits, relationships, businesses, finances, or spirituality to the next level and struggling because they don’t understand they must first shift within their subconscious thinking. 

You simply can not create a new reality with the same unconscious identity. This is why 95% of people give up on their goals by the 15th of January, 15 days later after setting their goals. 

Each individual will leave REVIBEL knowing, believing and feeling aligned with the exact steps they will take next in every area of life. They will be confident in their transitioning because of their refined and enhanced mindset. 

Additionally, Emmanuel will have follow up

sessions with each individual after REVIBEL to ensure the momentum is flowing strong. 

There will be a couple more activities to compliment the development and experience of the participants, like plunging out of an airplane. To be discussed upon inquiry call. 

To describe the experience, dynamics and results attained through the REVIBEL Program is impossible, and can only be understood and felt through the experience itself. 

If the information provided in regards to the program has captured your emotions and focus, then more than likely, this program is for you and is now ENCOURAGED you speak directly to the founder and leader of the program to discover if you are fit in your needs and wanting. 

For that, please inquire immediately as the ReVIBEl Program will only hold 10 men, in order to preserve and deliver optimal quality results and experience for each individual. 

If highly interested and serious about life and personal growth, send us an email to, or call 9154990502, to learn more and reserve your slot. 

We look forward to providing you with a Reviving experience like NEVER BEFORE! 

Take action, NOW. Silence the voice of doubt and ego and give yourself permission to receive what is destined for you! 


Vibing so far with the experience? Contact us for more information

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